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    Need a tow truck to enable you to get out of a tricky situation. Fret not, as we at Low Price Towing are always available for ensuring prompt assistance at a reasonable cost. Our roadside service in London Ontario can get you out of problematic circumstances by sending a tow truck to your area at the earliest opportunity. Regardless of whether y...Read more

  • Boosting


    Automobiles and trucks that are being manufactured in the modern times should never be charged up or boosted with the help of another vehicle. This is because a sudden power surge generating from the alternator of the other vehicle lasting for some seconds could make the system go on the fritz, damaging the onboard computer, navigation and stere...Read more

  • Tow Truck Service

    Tow Truck Service

    Low Price Towing offers a huge scope of vehicle towing solutions for the whole city of London Ontario as well as its surrounding regions. We can as a rule be wherever you require us within half an hour or even less time, and our team is available for dispatch all throughout the year, 24/7. Being reliable to our customers is extremely vital for u...Read more

  • Fuel Delivery Services

    Fuel Delivery Services

    Out of gas? Require an emergency refill early in the morning or late at night? Low Price Towing can rapidly convey you fuel wherever you're slowed down. Regardless of whether your vehicle takes diesel, normal, or premium gas, Low Price Towing is constantly prepared to convey fuel to get you back out and about rapidly. So if you forgot to...Read more

  • Tire Changes

    Tire Changes

    Gone are the days when most vehicles merely require a jack and a tire iron to change a flat tire. Some newer cars are even equipped with spare tires that must be inflated before installation. Other cars require installation of a special lug nut, without which you may damage your rotor. Call us to get your tire changed quickly and safely – ...Read more

  • Accident Clean up

    Accident Clean up

    There is nothing quite as chaotic as an accident scene. Road accidents occur frequently in London Ontario , and sometimes the damage caused after the initial collision can be on a greater scale than that of the collision itself. Damaged vehicles occupying road space is a hazard for road users, so it is very important for the safety of other driv...Read more

  • Car Lockout service

    Car Lockout service

    From the hands of an amateur, an auto lockout service can make costly harm to your auto or truck. For instance, messing with an entryway can lead to the deployment of side airbags, abraded door panels or even damaged wiring. Our team at Low Price Towing has Light Duty Division administrators at its disposal who are prepared to perform an expert ...Read more